Management Accounts – Do you really need them?

Management Accounts is a comprehensive service which allows you to:

  • assess the current economic situation of your business;
  • control cash flow;
  • monitor expenses;
  • realise and control profit margin;
  • recognise and foresee threats which can affect your business and counteract them effectively;
  • reveal the complex connections between different financial data.

Management accounts – How do we do them?

At Anne Brady McQuillans DFK we offer you:

  • Management accounts prepared for intervals of time chosen by you;
  • Management accounts tailored to fit the size, type, sector and specific character of your business;
  • Professional support by informing, advising and guiding you through every stage of your business’ life.

Our Management Accounts package consists of:

  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Budget Analysis Report
  • Business Analysis
  • Analysis of Financial Statements

This service consists of the production of a Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement. All these accounts are presented in a synthetic and easy to follow form. The figures in the financial statements are compared to those from the previous periods and/or with the Budget Analysis Report.

Comments on items which indicate the highest deviations are added, explaining the cause and effect. Furthermore, the main and the most dynamically changing items will be depicted by means of charts and graphs.

Budget Analysis Report

A Budget Analysis Report presents a detailed comparison of income and costs incurred in different programmes, divisions or units. It also provides a detailed explanation of all discrepancies between estimates and realised figures.

Business Analysis

The Business Analysis service provides information and computations of the key indicators in areas such as Cash Flow & Profitability, Internal Controls, etc.

Your contact in this department is Anne Brady on 01 478 6600 or email