27 Jun 2019

Register of Beneficial Ownership

EU law requires that each Member State sets up a central Register of Beneficial Ownership (RBO) for all corporate entities registered in that country. In Ireland the…

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2 May 2019

New DFKUKI.COM Goes Live!

DFK UK & Ireland has launched a new website to better engage with clients. The national group of global accountancy association DFK International has taken a less…

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28 Feb 2019

Do your employees understand PAYE modernisation?

Whilst you, as an employer, are fully up to speed and aware of the PAYE modernisation changes that have taken effect since the 1st January 2019, are…

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11 Feb 2019

Brexit Update

Company directors If a No Deal Brexit occurs, from March 30 th onwards, the UK will no longer be a part of the EEA. A requirement of…

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10 Dec 2018

VAT Compensation Refund Scheme goes live in 2019

Introduced in Budget 2018, the VAT compensation refund scheme means charities will be entitled from 1 st January 2019 to reclaim a proportion of VAT costs incurred…

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